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Australian Seed Bank Partnership
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Donations are key to the success of the partnership. With your support we can continue to protect our precious native flora from extinction through research and conservation efforts. Click here to Donate Now.
  • We are excited to work on large-scale legacy projects with corporate sponsors and partners. These collaborations make a real difference to improving native flora populations. Read about our recent bushfire recovery projects to understand the services we can provide, then reach out to discuss tailored solutions to your meet your organisation’s needs.
  • Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, share what you’re doing with us, and start conversations about plant conservation with others.
  • There are occasional volunteer opportunities with conservation seed banks in our network. Please visit our Partners page for information about who is best to contact in your area.
  • While we are delighted by the enthusiasm to grow native species, seeds held by the partnership are obtained under strict collection permits for conservation and scientific research purposes only. Instead, we encourage you to contact your local native plant nurseries and botanic gardens, who may be able to advise you better about the types of plants that are available and appropriate to grow in your area.
  • If you require seeds for specific research, we recommend the following steps:
    1. Check the Australian Seed Bank Online Portal for information about species currently in our collections.
    2. Please send us a request using the form below, providing the following information:
      • The species/accessions you require, and the quantity needed;
      • The State, Territory, or country where you intend to carry out your research;
      • If relevant, the institution under which your research will be conducted;
      • Advise when you need the material;
      • Your contact details.
      On receipt of this information we will put you in touch with relevant seedbank(s) who may be able to assist with your request.
  • For large-scale conservation efforts consider contacting your local endemic native nurseries, your local council or an organisation like Greening Australia.
  • Check out what we do to discover how seed collections are used, why they’re important, and how Botanic Gardens play a crucial role in conservation for Australian native plants.
  • The third edition of the Germplasm Guidelines are also available for free download, and provide a practical, science-based handbook for seed collecting and germination of seeds.
  • You may also wish to review the Translocation Guidelines for step-by-step information on best-practice translocations of native plants.

While we appreciate plants of all shapes and sizes, we only collect and store native Australian species for research and conservation purposes.

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