Safeguarding Australia's Flora

The Australian Seed Bank Partnership is an alliance of 13 organisations, bringing together expertise from Australia’s leading botanic gardens, state environment agencies and NGOs. Governed by The Council of Heads of Australian Botanic Gardens Inc., we are working on strategic solutions to deal with the multitude of threats facing our biodiversity.

How we protect the future of Australian flora

Seed Banks

Collecting and storing seed in seed banks is one of the most powerful ways to combat the global decline of plant diversity.

Safeguarding from loss

Seed banks offer an insurance policy against the further loss of plant species.

United Expertise

The Partnership unites the expertise of twelve institutions, including botanic gardens, herbaria, state environmental agencies and non-government organisations.

What We Do

Across Australia, governments, non-government organisations and community groups are collecting and conserving native seeds in secure vaults. Conservation seed banks provide a future-proof insurance policy for Australia’s unique flora, which is especially important in times of environmental stress.

Our Partners and Associates

The Australian Seed Bank Partnership relies on generous donors and supporters to continue our important work and achieve our vision for a future where Australia’s native plant diversity is valued, understood and conserved for the benefit of all.

Our Partners:

Our Associates:

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