Australian Seed Bank Online

The “one-stop-shop” for accessible seed information is available online through the Atlas of Living Australia.

We’re getting an update!

The current virtual seed bank is over ten years old so is due for an update. We’re very grateful to the Director of National Parks and the Council of Heads of Australian Botanic Gardens for supporting the Partnership to update this critical resource. We anticipate the update to be completed in the second half of 2022. Please bear with us as we make these important changes. Once complete the new virtual seed bank will display more data from across the Partnership, including germination protocols for those species where trials have already been successfully completed.


This Australian Seed Bank online hub is a site for the Australian Seed Bank Partnership to provide open access to our Partner’s data, ensuring it can be shared and analysed using a range of Atlas of Living Australia tools. This online resource is a virtual seed bank for seed collectors, researchers, students and government agencies. The virtual seed bank can be used to examine the status of various ex situ collections across Australia. It can also be used to identify national collecting priorities to ensure the diversity of species, as well as the genetic diversity within a species, is represented in these important ex situ collections.

The Partnership brings together many experts with hundreds of years of combined experience in seed collection, storage and research into phenology, morphology, ecology, abundance and issues around germination and dormancy. Our aim is to bring this combined expertise and the data it collectively creates into the public domain.