We believe it is important to set targets in the form of defined outcomes for our work so we can focus on achieving our vision for a future where Australia’s native plant diversity is valued, understood and conserved for the benefit of all.

Our mission, a national effort to conserve Australia’s native plant diversity through collaborative and sustainable seed collecting, banking, research and knowledge sharing, is being delivered through five goals:

  1. Collecting and storing seed in secure seed banks as long term insurance against loss of plant diversity.
  2. Conducting research to improve both conservation and restoration outcomes from seed banking.
  3. Developing national standards and improving capacity to enable conservation and restoration of biodiverse and resilient ecosystems.
  4. Sharing knowledge and engaging the public, private and charity sectors, as well as community members, in the work of the Australian Seed Bank Partnership.
  5. Securing and strategically managing our resources to strengthen and support the work of Australian Seed Bank Partnership to achieve its vision.

We prioritise projects that will help us build a national safety net for Australia’s plant species through ex situ conservation and to support our research to increase understanding of the seed biology of Australia’s diverse flora.