Second meeting of the Australasia / Pacific Seed Science Network

Connecting countries and cultures throughout Australasia and the Pacific

The 7th Global Botanic Gardens Congress provides a space for seed scientists and germplasm conservation practitioners throughout the international botanic gardens and seed banking community to continue discussions about building stronger collaborations and networks for seed science with a focus on the Australasia/Pacific regions. 

As part of this congress, the Australian Seed Bank Partnership, the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership and the Australian Network for Plant Conservation will be holding the second meeting of the Australasia / Pacific Seed Science Network. This forum aims to facilitate continuous communications throughout the region beyond any single conference program.

You can join the discussion on Thursday, 29 September 2022 – 12:45-13:45 AEST using the details below:

In Person:

7th Global Botanic Gardens Congress
Melbourne Convention Centre – Room 101


Via this zoom link
Meeting ID: 851 1070 5777, Passcode: 142961

Meeting agenda






Acknowledgement of Country

Introduce facilitators – Dr Elinor Breman; Dr Aisyah Faruk; Dr Amelia Martyn-Yenson

Damian Wrigley


Recap on why we are having this discussion

o   Brief recap on previous discussions

o   Benefits of networks

Elinor Breman


Delegate poll

o   Instructions on how to participate

o   Questions to participants one at a time

Damian Wrigley/Amelia Martyn-Yenson


Questions / Discussion

o   Opportunity for participants to raise any questions

o   Opportunity for participants to provide any insights or progress in collaborating since the last meeting

Aisyah Faruk


Next steps and Meeting Close

o   Facilitators will reflect on discussions and poll results

o   Mention the upcoming opportunities to connect

–  Society for Ecological Restoration Conference 2023, Darwin, Northern Territory

–  Australasian Plant Conservation Conference 2024, location TBC

–  Australasian Seed Science Conference 2025, Horsham, Victoria

Damian Wrigley