Data Analyst position available

Flower of Grevillea bracteosa bracteosa

Job Vacancy - Data analyst

Thank you for your interest. Applications for this role have now closed. 


The Role:

  • Part Time (20 h/week)

  • Fixed Term (9 months – June 2022 to March 2023, with possibility of extension to June 2023)

For more than 20 years the members of the Australian Seed Bank Partnership have collected seeds from across the continent and its external island territories. This meta-collection represents concerted efforts and investments from governments, business, philanthropic organisations, and private donors over many years. With ongoing and increasing threats to the future survival of Australia’s native plants, the Partnership is looking to review our existing collections with the aim of identifying their representativeness, functionality and value to Australia’s conservation needs and contribution to global conservation initiatives. This review will assist the Partnership to identify gaps in Australia’s native seed meta-collection, with further analysis providing data-driven future prioritisation and encouraging targeted investment across the country. 

The Partnership is looking for an experienced Data Analyst to perform the following role:

  • Oversee the submission of seed accession datasets from partner facilities
  • Undertake quality control, data harmonisation and data aggregation to generate one national dataset
  • Document data manipulation and aggregation methods, and possibly create a pipeline for this process
  • Develop, with the author group, statistical analyses to be used to address research questions
  • Undertake statistical analysis and present summaries to the author group
  • Prepare publication-quality figures and tables
  • Prepare scripts, or clean datasets for supplementary materials for publication and/or ASBP’s long-term record keeping 

Remuneration and engagement options

  • $60,000-$100,000 p/a 1.0 FTE wage – 20 hours/week (To be negotiated with the successful candidate based on experience, qualifications and contract type)
  • Employment through existing institutional arrangments (botanic gardens, universities, etc) or direct engagement of consultancy service (must have an ABN, workers insurance etc.)
  • Reimbursement of reasonable costs incurred will be considered on a case-by-case basis (software if required, internet, phone).

Desired Skills and Experience

The successful candidate will preferably have the following skills and expertise to support delivery of the project.

  • Highly developed analytical skills, with the ability to interpret moderate sized and complex biological datasets rapidly and accurately
  • Experience handling and/or aggregating data from different sources
  • Experience in statistical reporting and data presentation for senior researchers
  • Knowledge of seed biology and germination terminology and data structures
  • Ability to manipulate data using appropriate software systems, including experience using software such as R
  • Experience in managing data quality and initiating quality improvement practices to ensure data integrity
  • Experience producing analysis documentation to ensure reproducibility of results
  • Experience presenting scientific data for publication
Male flowers of Gyrostemon reticulatus
Gyrostemon reticulatus flowers (Image: Andrew Crawford)
Flower of Phebalium calcicola
Phebalium calcicola flower (Image: Dan Duval)
flowers of Spirogardnera rubescens
Spirogardnera rubescens (Image: Andrew Crawford)