Conference recordings

Australasian Seed Science Conference 2021


The Conference featured keynote speakers, presentations, Q&A sessions and workshops. Session recordings are available below.

The conference also hosted virtual posters from 17 delegates. These are available below.

Monday 6th September – Plenary

Theme 1 Seed biology and evolutionary ecology

Conference opening and Plenary for Theme 1 (Part 1)

Plenary for Theme 1 (Part 2)

Plenary for Theme 1 (Part 3)

Theme 2 – Seed sourcing and end-use

 Plenary for Theme 2 (Part 1)

Plenary for Theme 2 (Part 2)

Tuesday 7th September – Plenary

Theme 3 – Seed & Gene Bank Management

Plenary for Theme 3 (Part 1)

Plenary for Theme 3 (Part 2)

Plenary for Theme 3 (Part 3)

Theme 4 – Seeds in Culture & Society

 Plenary for Theme 4 (Part 1)

Plenary for Theme 4 and conference closing (Part 2)

Wednesday 8th September – Workshop 1, Seed Banking 101

Seed scientists from Australian institutions and the Millennium Seed Bank instructed delegates in the basics of establishing and managing seed and gene banking programs, including identifying target species, planning and conducting field work, and implementing best-practice approaches and techniques. The workshop was a mixture of pre-recorded lectures, live Q&As and group sessions, and was hosted by Dr Elinor Breman, Dr Kate Hardwick, Dr Aisyah Faruk, Mr Tom North, Dr Andrew Crawford, Mr James Wood and Mr Damian Wrigley.

Part 1: Collecting (Pre-collection activities and making collections).

Part 2: Keeping seeds alive (Seed-air moisture and drying).

Part 3: Management (longevity of collections and data).

Thursday 9th September – Workshop 2,
Australian Academy of Science Fenner Conference on the Environment 2021:
Exceptional times, exceptional plants

This workshop launched the 3rd edition of the Plant Germplasm Conservation in Australia guidelines, and focussed on the identification and conservation of plant species that are difficult to bank using conventional techniques. 

Session 1: Introduction and Identifying Exceptional Species

Session 2: Cryopreservation of Exceptional Species

Session 3: Panel Discussion

Friday 10th September – Workshop 3, Analysing seed data with R

This workshop outlined the fundamentals of designing and analysing seed biology and ecology studies. The participants worked through a range of standard and innovative approaches for robust statistical analysis of field and experimental data using the R and Rstudio software.

Part 1: Introduction to robust experimental design (Adrienne Nicotra) Part 2: Data wrangling and vizualisation (Terry Neeman

Part 3 Linear models (Sergey Rosbakh)

Part 4 Generalized linear models (Sergey Rosbakh)

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