Securing the Future Project

A partnership approach to protect priority plants
Translocation of Corunna Daisy (jenny Guerin)

Our ‘Securing the Future’ project will prevent extinction and improve the trajectory of 10 threatened plant species by delivering a comprehensive program of seed collecting, germination trials, propagation, reintroductions, research and long-term seed banking of native flora from SA, Vic and WA.

This work will improve the representation and genetic diversity of collections in Australian seed banks, with seeds and data available for research and restoration. The project will also support public awareness of action to conserve priority plant species.

We acknowledge the support provided for this project by the Australian Government’s Saving Native Species Program. Funding was provided under the Priority Species Grant that aimed to improve outcomes for priority plants from the Threatened Species Action Plan.

Seeds of the Giant Andersonia will be secured (Image: Andrew Crawford)

Project Aims

South Australia


Western Australia

Project outcomes

This project will run from December 2023 to December 2025, so check back later to see how we are tracking!

Persoonia micranthera flower (Credit: Andrew Crawford).
Small-flowered Snottygobble in flower (Image: Andrew Crawford).