Seeds of Our Cities Appeal

Banking bushland in urban green spaces

Safeguard seeds in the green hearts of our cities

Thank you!

Thanks to your generosity, and matched donations from Wild Country Environmental Fund and the Council of Heads of Botanic Gardens, we’re happy to announce that $10K was raised for our Seeds of Our Cities Appeal

This funding will support a seed banking project to conserve one or more threatened plants in an Australian capital city. Your contributions are vital in helping us protect urban biodiversity and ensure these precious plants thrive for future generations.

Stay tuned for exciting updates in the coming months as we put these funds to work! 

About our appeal

Urban bushland areas allow us to reconnect to nature amidst the hustle and bustle of city life.

These precious areas also often harbour the last remnants of threatened and priority flora that have sadly disappeared from other parts of our landscape.

But they’re at risk.

Fragmented across our cities, they face threats from clearing, pollution, and a changing climate.

That’s why we need your help to conserve them.

By donating, you’ll be supporting us to collect and safeguard seeds from the green hearts of our cities. This ensures that these plants will continue to enrich our urban landscapes into the future.

Please help us seed a better future for the places we live and play by providing a tax deductible donation.

Urban remnant vegetation plays a crucial role in our cities, serving as pockets of biodiversity that offer numerous benefits to both humans and wildlife.

These patches of native vegetation are often the last remnants of once extensive ecosystems, providing critical habitat for many rare plant and animal species.

Urban bushland also contributes to the overall health and well-being of communities, acting as lungs for our cities, reducing urban heat, and providing opportunities for recreation, education, and connection to nature. 

Conserving these green spaces is essential for maintaining biodiversity and sustainable cities for the future.

Your tax-deductible donation will support our national alliance to secure seeds from priority species in your own back yard

Pressing plants


Enables us to survey remnant plant populations


Helps to unlock germination secrets of urban flora

Seed and extraneous debris held in a hand. The seed will be cleaned and processed to be ready for research and safe storage.


Supports our collections, securing seeds for the future

Double your impact!

Thanks to a generous commitment by Wild Country Environmental Fund, all donations will be matched to a total of $5,000

This helps your contribution to have a meaningful and lasting impact.

Donating is as simple as clicking the secure PayPal button.
Alternatively you can contact us to discuss your bequest further.

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