Project Target Species

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Each project we deliver has a specific focus. Sometimes projects will share a similar purpose, such as those that respond to major events like the 2019-2020 bushfires. However each project will have various species and activities that we aim to deliver. To help us plan our work we develop species target lists. We do this to help us achieve the best conservation outcomes we can for Australia’s native flora and to ensure we avoid any duplication of effort.

As our project target lists become available we will upload them here. The species we target may be addressed by collecting and germinating seeds, undertaking rapid flora assessments or one of a range of other activities depending on the aims of the funding provided. These lists will also be updated with final species names and activities once each project has been completed. We do this because sometimes seed availability is low and a collection can not be made. When this happens we target alternative species and mark the original species for collection in future years.

More target lists coming soon…