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The Australian Seed Bank Partnership brings together Partners from around the country and with a variety of different expertise. These Partners are:

These organisations work together through the Partnership to efficiently collect, bank and research seeds from areas across Australia. The combination of on-the-ground knowledge and botanical and seed banking expertise allows the Partners to concentrate their efforts on the areas they know the best. Collected seeds are shared between the Australian conservation seed banks and the Millennium Seed Bank of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew in the UK, contributing to national and international seed collection efforts.

Partners are active in reintroducing species to the environment, as well as increasing seed stocks for further research and reintroduction programs. The research and collection outcomes are shared between partners and made available to the community through the online database, the Atlas of Living Australia. The community is often able to join in on planting and collecting programs organized by the partners for the benefit of the local environment.

The direction of the seed collecting and research activities coordinated by the Partnership is based on national and international biodiversity conservation conventions. By linking with the Millennium Seed Bank, the Partnership aims to reach ambitious seed banking targets of endemic Australian plant species.